I’ve started this accessibility audit series of major retailers to try and spread awareness regarding the web accessibility issues that are still prevalent on the web.  This post will examine the web accessibility issues found on Apple’s MacBook Pro website.

The website: The Apple MacBook Pro Marketing Website

The problem: Much of the copy on the macbook pro website is #63636e. The background color is #121217. This is a color contrast of 3.14:1, which fails WCAG AA and WCAG AAA for normal size text.  It technically passes for WCAG AA large size text, but it’s clear at a glance that this color ratio is still difficult to read.  

Screenshot of Apple’s MacBook Pro Marketing Website

The majority of the website is coded well for accessibility standards, but Apple has chosen design over functionality in determining its color palette.  The result is a website that is not only readable by many individuals with vision impairments, but also a straining experience for individuals without vision impairments. No company is exempt from making its web content web accessible, and Apple, with its resources and reach, should prioritize making its content visible and accessible to everyone.